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Welcome to AllTheGames one of the fastest growing online gaming portal with visitors from around the globe including US, UK, Canada, India, Malaysia and many more. We offer a variety range of Advertising opportunities for you at a very reasonable pricing. Take a look at the advertising offers we give and contact us for a personalised Ad serving.

Fixed placement:

  • Replace any of the banners of you choice at a fixed price per month.
  • 100x100 Banner below the Category list on every page for $75 per month. With a good banner you can expect an CTR of 4%-6%.
  • CPM Based advertisement with a minimum CPM of $0.50.

We accept images of format .jpg, .gif, .png and Flash SWF files as banners.

If you are interested in advertising with AllTheGames then contact us using our contact form and one of our executives will get in touch with you.

Payments are only accepted through Paypal.