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How is your memory? Play Simon Says against the computer and find out yourself!
Simon's a computer, Simon has a brain, you either do what Simon says or else go down the drain. The object of th

Combo Card

Beat the time by doing combos! Enjoy this card pairing game!
Try to make the most combinations possible in the shortest amount of time. Click on the pile and drag the cards to the board slot. Yo

Play Cosmic Switch Cosmic Switch

Swap the cosmic objects and try to group three identical ones and score points in this addictive puzzle game.
This challenging and addictive puzzle game will keep you busy for a while! The aim


Match similar patterns in an array of cubes in this 3D puzzle game. An addictive game and difficult to resist from playing on and on!
The objective of this puzzle game is to match the pattern

Flash Ludo

Roll a six on the dice to get out of the castle, move your pieces along, hit others, and return to home base.
Ludo is derived from the ancient Indian game "Pachisi" which was originally played

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