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Yan Loong Legend 2 Enhanced

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The enhanced version of "Yan Loong Legend 2 : 3rd Impact", in this version player can execute combos very easily with just hit Attack key continuously. When character has learned new skills, the combos will be adjusted. After Normal 4 attacks or dash attack hitted enemy you can continue pressing Attack key then the character can auto perform special moves that makes more Hits number.
Enable 2 players adventure together!!! Building up your special skills and powers. Use sword and dragon fire spell to beat all enimies who blocking your way and find out the reason why wars happening in the world! Find the true answer... *Push 'up' and press 'Attack' to execute spells. *Item pick up: Move character over the item and press 'down' to pick up it. *The game data will auto save while game scene is changing. *After you passed all levels,you can replay this game from the beginning with all special moves and spells unlocked! More instructions please read in game help.

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dragon,magic,awesome,sword,quest,kungfu,combo,slash,side scrolling,orient,legend,ninja

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