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Play Battle Tanks Battle Tanks (Hits : 196)

You've found a portal into the enemy territory with lots of advanced battle tanks around. Destroy all of 'em.
This is an interesting tank war game with basic 3D graphics, but has a lot of acti

Play Ants World Ants World (Hits : 190)

A colony of green ants need to get to their destination... Lemmings sytle.
Direct the groups of ants into the cave by giving particular ants their roles. Try not to let the ants fall high clif

Black Eagle (Hits : 183)

Fly your copter through combat missions in this fast paced top view shooter!
Primary objectives are to engage and destroy all hostiles in the area. Always keep your fuel and ammo in check so y

Bully Basher (Hits : 178)

As a gloves-and-glasses-wearing kid, kick some bully ass!
The objective of the game is to knock out bullies that would try to terrorize you. Use different key combinations to execute more powe

Word Soccer: Do you have a great active vocabulary and combination skills? Score as many goals as possible in this excellent game of words. Word Soccer (Hits : 176)

The goal of the game is to create as many valid nouns as possible and to score more goals than your opponent in 6 rounds. If the match is in a tie then the first goal decides.


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