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Play pokeride

Game Plays: 13597
Added on: 18-Jul-2009

Help Ash catch all the Pokeballs. For this task he has chosen Charizard. Avoid the other Pokemons to keep yourself alive and try not to fall from Charizard's back.Move the keyboard arrows to control Charizard and catch all the Pokeballs and avoid the other Pokemons.

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Play Choose Your Weapon 5

Game Plays: 13506
Added on: 28-Jan-2012

The Virus Has Transformed! They set up their own servers too! This latest installment in the Choose Your Weapon series has many new features, but the goal is the out the internet virus and destroy it - using 60 different weapons :) You always carry 4 weapons. Two are melee, and two are projectile. Smash, burn, claw, bomb, or face palm them on their own turf.Arrows for movement. Tap "A" to quick attack. Hold and Release "A" to fierce attack. "S" to swing with tail.

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Play Bricks Breaking

Game Plays: 12959
Added on: 02-Jun-2009

There is a grid of bricks of different colours. When you click on a grid, all the bricks that are connected to this brick by the same colour will be destroyed. The bricks on top of the destroyed bricks will collapse and the columns of bricks will merge. If you want to remove a single brick, you must use a magic wand. The game ends when you run out of magic wands and you can no longer destroy bricks by groups.

Use the mouse to destroy the colored bricks where there are two or more together.

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Play burncar

Game Plays: 12904
Added on: 22-Jul-2009

Pick your car and race to the finish on different terrains.

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Play kebab Fling

Game Plays: 12849
Added on: 13-Aug-2009

You are the kitchen warrior. Disciplined, skilled, and with razor sharp reflexes. You must prepare kebab orders the only way a warrior can: by having the ingredients launched at you and catching them on the skewer in mid-air. What? Would you expect any different, Master Chef?Use the arrow keys to move the skewer around the screen. Catch the ingredients on the tip of the skewer to make the kebabs.

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Strip Poker: Steal Your Opponent Blind In This Classic Version Of The Poker Game.

Game Plays: 12421
Added on: 20-Mar-2009

The goal of the game is to steal your opponent blind and get naked his/her figure. The rules are according to classic Five Card Draw Poker. The game runs through several rounds. Each round, 5 cards are dealt to both players. After the first obligatory bet, both the players may increase their bets. When all the first bets are seen, cards change happens - an arbitrary number of cards can be changed (0-5). The next bets runs the same way as the first bets. When the next bets are seen, the cards are exposed and bets settled up. The winner   ...

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Play Scooby Doo Reef Relief

Game Plays: 12398
Added on: 10-Jun-2009

Guide shaggy and scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles. See game for more details.

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Play Floats

Game Plays: 11743
Added on: 15-Mar-2009

Click the moving floats in ascending order to remove them from the board and clear all the levels of this interesting flash game. This is simple and interesting online game, where you have to left click on all the floats in an ascending order to make them disappear from the board, before the time runs out.To clear a level, dont click on the bombs, as they will reduce your 10 seconds, however you can click the sun to gain hundreds of extra points. Have Fun...

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Play scooby-doo Big Air 2: Curse Of The Half Pipe

Game Plays: 11684
Added on: 12-Jul-2009

Back on the half pipe, Scooby and his friends are facing a whole new challenge with three new game modes of this newest Big Air contest...

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Play Kissing Express

Game Plays: 11459
Added on: 31-Oct-2009

Help couple to kiss without getting noticed by the passenger or hostess in the train, click on the couple to start kissingclick couple to start kissing

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