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Play kr Quick Cricket

Game Plays: 8734
Added on: 03-Jul-2009

powerful shots and send the ball sailing over the fence for 6’s to achieve a high total. Bat continuously for 10 overs or until you’ve lost 10 wickets.

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Play Dirt Bike 4

Game Plays: 8621
Added on: 11-Jun-2009

Take it to the rooftops in the fourth installment of the original bike game, Dirt Bike 4!

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Play mario Ghosthouse

Game Plays: 8543
Added on: 13-Aug-2009

Mario took a shortcut and got lost in the haunted house. Help him solve the puzzles and collect coins to reveal secret doors. Arrow keys to move, jump and duck, a key to run.

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Play plastic Attack!

Game Plays: 7750
Added on: 14-Nov-2009

Take control of Plastic Man and bounce your way through the Gotham City skyline! Once you've beaten all ten levels, you'll unlock a special marathon mode!Bounce your way through the level until you reach the thug--then enter the key sequence on screen as fast as possible. Batman.

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Play Jet Velocity 3d

Game Plays: 7603
Added on: 13-Nov-2010

A 3D future racing game with infinite number of levels. Fully 3D realtime rendered wipeout like racing game. Includes both a campaign mode of 10 base levels, playing these unlocks new ships.Use the arrow keys.

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Play police Fury

Game Plays: 7392
Added on: 22-Jul-2009

Exterminate the terrorists in the target zone. Shoot the terrorists before they get you.Left click to shoot. Move gun with your mouse

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Play The Great Indian Honeymoon

Game Plays: 7331
Added on: 02-Oct-2009

Play the great Indian wedding Honeymoon game. Use your MOUSE to play. Click on objects around the rooms to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two or more different objects. Some objects will get stored in the Inventory Panel, click on these objects to use them. Refer to the hints in the game.

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Play wheels Of Hell

Game Plays: 7279
Added on: 12-Jul-2009

Drive your massive monstertruck through hell and collect lost souls.Use the UP and DOWN arrows to move and the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to balance the car.

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Play Extreme Rally

Game Plays: 7171
Added on: 07-May-2010

Become the ultimate car racing champion, by going head to head against stiff racing competition. Unlock new levels and upgrade your car, Buy new cars and nitro boosters Your goal is to win races, by coming in at first place, In addition, try to make the best lap time possible to score maximum points!Drive using Arrow Keys. Press N for Nitro. P for Pause.

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Play winx Club Match Me Up

Game Plays: 7069
Added on: 18-Aug-2009

Winx Club Match Me Up is the first international a three in-a-row matching game for winx club fansites. At higher levels you begin matching the winx club girls to their favorite items and boy friends. - choose your level of difficulty, and play options - challenge your friends for highest international score - win awards, trophies, medals and games! - 36 languages. - Win 2 free games worth $39.Use mouse to drag and drop pieces into the proper 3-in-a-row (or column) matching position. Use special buttons to rotate the game board or shift entire sections available in advanced levels.

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