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Acid Factory

Game Plays: 3871
Added on: 30-May-2009

Help Harry escape the horrors of his acid-flooded factory.

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Play shining Date Look

Game Plays: 3852
Added on: 16-Oct-2009

Vicky is in desperate need of a new set of clothes for the date with her boyfriend this weekend. She happens to have two coupons of this new fashion mall in her district. Why don't you go with her and give some suggestions on her choice? With your help, her boyfriend will be surprised, in a good way for sure, by his amazing girl!

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Play Learn To Fly 2

Game Plays: 3843
Added on: 24-Sep-2011

You were able to learn how to fly, but Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreams. Now you�re back for revenge!Use the left/right arrows or A/D to steer, space bar to use boost, any key to activate special sleighs. (All controls can be customized in the option menu, with the possibility to use the mouse instead of the keyboard)

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Play ipl

Game Plays: 3807
Added on: 23-Jul-2009

Game based on Indian Elections 2009

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Play alkirian 2

Game Plays: 3780
Added on: 11-Aug-2009

Find the seven scepters hidden in the pyramid.

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Play book Cricket

Game Plays: 3754
Added on: 03-Jul-2009

Flip the pages and score the runs.

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Play Diamond Hollow Ii

Game Plays: 3751
Added on: 24-Sep-2011

Shoot, upgrade, conquer enemies, defeat bosses, acquire achievements, collect gems, all in an attempt to save yourself and your gun from the clutches of the evil Professor.Control your character with AD or Arrow Keys, jump with W/Space/Up, and use the mouse to aim and shoot (or switch control schemes in the options). As you acquire more guns, use QE or 1-4 or the mouse wheel to switch between them. After collecting diamonds, open the upgrades menu with tab or escape to upgrade your guns and skills to help conquer your foes.

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Play Cactus Mccoy

Game Plays: 3748
Added on: 16-Apr-2011

When a routine treasure hunt goes awry, McCoy is transformed into a walking cactus by the ancient Curse of Thorns. McCoy�s mission is to return the Thorned Emerald to its true home. If he fails, the curse will continue until he is a lifeless, stone cactus. Run, jump, and punch your way through an army of Enemigos sent by the monstrous Hex Hatfield. Throughout the many dangerous areas, you will find and master a barrage of weapons from razor-sharp machetes to giant bazookas. As you travel, you will uncover missing map pieces that will guide you to the source of   ...

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Play Love Chemistry

Game Plays: 3709
Added on: 02-Oct-2009

Use your MOUSE to play. Left click over the emotion bubbles that appear over the characters' head. Each emotion is represented by a specific color. Fill up the emotion flasks by clicking on the similar colored bubbles. Some emotions are a combination of two different colors. These will be formed when two different colored emotions mix. Click on them quickly when the two bubbles meet. Fill every flask in the game before the time runs out.

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Play diwalidhamaka

Game Plays: 3664
Added on: 16-Oct-2009

Diwali Dhamaka is a funny game of burning crackers, cracking the quiz and puzzles!Use left mouse click ----- To burn a cracker, light a lamp, find out object, choose answer

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