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Game Plays: 1091

Added on: 03-Aug-2009

cyborg girl goes on killing rampage.

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Game Plays: 1088

Added on: 03-Oct-2009

Use your MOUSE to play. LEFT CLICK & hold to kiss. Release the button to stop Kissing, Don't get caught. Be alert when you see "!" Point and Click the Menu followed by the correct food item to kiss faster. Example - In Level 1 - Click on the Menu followed by the Chocolate Bar (In some levels you will have find the menu card) *Remember to click on the sparkling power ups.

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Game Plays: 1085

Added on: 31-Aug-2009

Patience is key as you build bridges to save your little friends.To install a piece of the bridge, click on a green anchor point where you would like it to start and draw a line to where you want the piece to end. To remove a piece of bridge, scroll on top of it and click the left mouse button. To delete multiple pieces, click on the junction between them. Click and drag to scroll around the level. To zoom within the level, use the + and - buttons.

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Game Plays: 1074

Added on: 28-Sep-2009

Looks like this cute girl needs some help. All her clothes are trapped in the bubbles when she was showering. Please collect the clothes displayed on the task board by shooting bubbles. Collect an item by shooting three or more bubbles with identical ones and get this girl dressed up as soon as possible. Have fun!

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Game Plays: 1063

Added on: 07-Nov-2009

How good is your aim? Throw snowballs at Christmas themed targets. Hit Santa and get bonus coins to throw at! Throw as many snowballs as you can and get your high score!Aim with the mouse, and press the button to throw a snowball.

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Game Plays: 1061

Added on: 25-Oct-2009

The fourth version of Assembler � A physics based puzzle game in which you assemble shapes. Assembler is a game in which you use the mouse to arrange a set of shapes in a configuration so that the green key shape(s) are inside their respective zones. To get it right, the key shape(s) have to be supported completely by the other shapes, with the mouse released. You are given a score based on how long it took to complete each level, and how many times you had to click. Assembler combines both relaxation and spatial thinking in an easy to pick up and play game.Use the mouse to pick up and place shapes in order to get the green key shape(s) in the right spot.

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Game Plays: 1059

Added on: 17-Mar-2009

Shoot down incoming enemy planes and defend your Carrier in this mid-air combat game. This is one of the wicked flying game ever. Your objective is to protect the battleship at any cost by shooting down as many enemy planes as possible. If they fly by you, they will bomb the ship. Once it's sunk the game is over. The points are calculated by the number of enemy planes that you shoot down and watch out, this game picks up pace real quick. Controls: Use the arrow keys to move the plane. Use the Spacebar to shoot the enemy planes. Good luck!

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Game Plays: 1050

Added on: 16-Mar-2009

In this ancient Chinese game you've to clear the board of stones without bringing down the whole pyramid! Mahjong is an ancient game that originated in China. It is a game of skill, intelligence, calculation and luck. The aim is to clear up the board of stones and not to bring down the whole pyramid!You can choose one of five pyramids to start with. They consist of 234, 164, 114, 64 and 40 stones. The quicker you clear the pyramid the more points you'll get. If you make a mistake you can press the "Back" button to undo the move. However, you can only undo one move at a time and you will loose the points you earned for that move. You've to remove the stones by finding matching pairs and Left Clicking on them but you can only remove those who have no stones on their left or right. Try to solve the puzzle completely and earn bonus points.

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Game Plays: 1043

Added on: 15-Jun-2009

A Peruvian-born Australian actress, most notable for playing Neela in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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Game Plays: 1041

Added on: 17-Jul-2009

Classic jigsaw puzzle with H2O's main characters Emma, Cleo and Rikki. 49 pieces.Drag and drop the pieces with the mouse to fit them together.

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